ExpressVPN 2023 Review

ExpressVPN is a Virtual Private Network service based on the British Virgin Islands, which offers its users unlimited bandwidth, top of the range encryption technology and access to numerous servers located all around the world. It is marketed as a product for enhancing both online security and privacy.

Pricing & Plans

Express VPN offer pricing with three subscription levels. You get the same benefit with each plan, just a different price. Paying yearly gives you the best value for money. Best part is: Express VPN comes with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so trying before you buy is possible. There’s also a referral plan where every friend of yours who signs up gets you a free month.

Features of ExpressVPN

Express VPN is easy to use and install. It provides customers with optimized applications that they can use to connect with ExpressVPN anytime of the day. These applications are so intuitive that it only takes one click to enjoy secured and unrestrictive access to the internet.

Fast and secured connection

Express VPN’s network is SSL secured. It uses a 256-bit encryption to send and receive data safely over the internet. It constantly updates its security measures to adapt to various security threats online.
In addition, Express VPN delivers unlimited bandwidth and speed to its customers. This feature allows users to stream or download high definition movies and TV shows quickly and without interruption.

There are servers in 78 countries, which again, is one of the best and highest in the industry. Express VPN also actively build their network infrastructure and test it thoroughly all the time, so that you get the best speeds. Are you in Australia but need to access Europe? It matters which way you connect to the other side of the globe, via Asia or the US. Express VPN know which is quickest.

As if the server choices aren’t enough, Express VPN has some of the most intuitive software on the VPN market . Tablets and smartphones are also given the same attention, instead of being shortchanged on the software and encryption fronts.

Security & Privacy

We’re happy that Express VPN opts for OpenVPN as the default encryption protocol. It’s the most secure. Though you may use PPTP or L2TP as you prefer or where speed concerns them better, but they aren’t secure so we don’t recommend it.

OpenVPN encryption takes place using upgraded and quite hefty 4096-bit and SHA 512 for authentication, with AES-256 bit CBC for stream encryption.The level of encryption is quite honestly enough, and exceedingly favorable compared to the competition.

Website and Customer Support

Surely, we can’t forget to mention the customer support service in the Express VPN review as we had a good experience with their support team. At first place the way website has been responsively designed; clear and convenient way of getting useful information, the whole website is user friendly and users never get confused with any content or image that could distract their attention. One can say that the presented information are straight forward and relevant along with the step by step guidelines with screen-shots to make it further easier for the visitors and users.


Express VPN is a great one-size-fits-all VPN for those who are willing to pay a bit more for great design, solid security, strong performance, and fantastic customer service. Those who prefer a ton of configuration options and extra features might find it lacking, as will those who want a house or family ExpressVPN that supports simultaneous connected devices. For individual users who want a no-fuss VPN that’s as simple and intuitive as possible, Express VPN is well worth the high price tag, particularly given the extra peace of mind the money back guarantee provides. Check out Our Best VPN Services