UsenetServer Usenet Service 2024 Review

UsenetServer Review
UsenetServer is the best Usenet service in terms of speed, retention, search results, and reliability. It has the fastest network, most server locations, and best completion of any Usenet provider. A free Usenet search engine called UNS Global Search is also included, in addition to unlimited access to a zero-logs VPN service called PrivadoVPN. For a limited time only, you can get an unlimited UsenetServer account at their best price ever. This deal is exclusively available through and will get you 3 FREE months added to your account, which brings the monthly price down to $5.99. The normal price for this plan is $19.94/mo, so your savings will be 70%.

The best retention rates

Retention is the number of days that a Usenet provider stores a Usenet post on its servers. This is one of the most important features simply because more retention means access to more Usenet posts. The more posts you have access to, the better your search results will be. UsenetServer has the best retention rates on all text and binary newsgroups of any Usenet provider. They also add additional server storage on a regular basis, allowing them to continue expanding retention day by day. Not only do you get access to the largest database of Usenet posts, but you get access to the tens of millions of new posts made to Usenet every day. This is on top of an archive that goes back almost 17 years.

The most complete retention

Unlike some Usenet providers that have widely varying levels of retention for Usenet articles that are posted to different newsgroups, UsenetServer offers the same high-level of retention for every Usenet post, regardless of what newsgroup that post was made to. This is a major feature that ensures you have the best possible chances of successful results every time you search for and request an article from any newsgroup.

Clearly states its retention

Some providers use vague language like ‘up to XXXX days of retention’ when marketing their service. Because of this, you have no idea how much retention they actually have. We always recommend going with a service like UsenetServer that clearly states retention and better yet, also grows their retention level daily.

UsenetServer operates its own network

UsenetServer is a Tier-1 Usenet provider, meaning they own and manage their own server farms and Usenet infrastructure. This gives them complete control over the speed, security, and quality of the service. This is also beneficial from a support standpoint since customer support inquiries are handled directly by the underlying service provider itself.

The fastest speeds

UsenetServer buys ‘premium routing all the way to your ISP’s network to ensure you get the best speeds around-the-clock.’ Every server location plugs into this network for the fastest connections between you and their server farms. You should have no issues maximizing the full capacity of your Internet connection, no matter where you’re located when connecting.

Free Usenet Search includes

All UsenetServer plans come with unlimited access to a Usenet search feature called UNS Global Search. This is helpful for finding specific posts, selecting the ones you want, then creating your own NZB files with the click of a button. These NZBs can then be sent to your newsreader for transfer.

100% unlimited Usenet access

All UsenetServer plans are unlimited in terms of speed and data usage. They clearly state that ‘Unlike other providers who might suspend your account or downgrade your speeds after heavy usage, you’ll enjoy true unlimited downloads and unlimited speeds, no matter how much you use your account.’ This is a notable feature, especially for heavy Usenet users.

Secure, encrypted access

All UsenetServer plans include 256-bit SSL encryption for private and secure transfers every time you connect. When configuring your newsreader, just use the SSL server connection info provided after you sign up with UsenetServer. These should be: Server address: SSL port options: 563, 443, or 8080

Free Zero-Logs VPN access included

The exclusive deal comes with an unlimited PrivadoVPN account. This is a Zero-Logs VPN service based in Switzerland, which has the best consumer privacy laws in the world, that will secure all your web traffic like streaming, web browsing, and banking. It will also secure your connection any time you join an unsecured wifi hotspot. This is a great service if you’re looking for always-on security and free apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac are included.


UsenetServer is our top rated Usenet service provider based on a myriad evaluation points:

  • It has the best binary and text retention, which is the most important feature to look for when choosing a Usenet provider. More retention means access to more Usenet posts and the more posts you have access to, the better your search results will be.
  • It adds more servers on a regular basis and grows retention every day. No Usenet posts are ever expired from their servers.
  • It has complete retention for all articles in all binary and text newsgroups.
  • It clearly states its retention levels and does not use unclear language like ‘up to XXXX days retention.’
  • It operates its own network and has the best speeds
  • Free Usenet search is included with all plans
  • All plans include unlimited data and unlimited speeds, regardless of your usage level
  • Free SSL is included
  • A free Zero-Logs VPN called PrivadoVPN is included

A special 12+3 FREE months deal is currently available that will automatically add 3 FREE months added to your yearly unlimited access. The effective monthly price is $5.99, which is the best price available for their best plan.

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