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Usenet is a means of accessing information on the web. Although being in existence for more than thirty years, has gained momentum, in particular among those people who access large volumes of data. The chances are that you have never heard of this excellent technology, that is why we took the initiative to explain to you what Usenet is and how you can use it to your advantage.


So what is this Usenet?

In simple terms, Usenet is a noncentralized computer network that uses a collective called newsgroups to share information via the internet. The architecture that it’s built on provides for a robust system that enhances people’s privacy while not compromising on the access speed and experience. Now that we have the definition noted down let’s see how we can harness the power of Usenet to enhance our internet access.


How to use Usenet

Accessing Usenet can be a daunting task, especially for the total newbie. Services such as are a great place to start and get familiarized with the technology. They offer a range of affordable subscription including a free trial that can be used to get used to the system.


The best way to use Usenet is to leverage on the robustness of some commonly available apps that can guarantee you access. Below are some of the apps that can easily get you started.



Available for several platforms, namely Windows, Mac and Linux, you can never go wrong with SABnzbd. The app is free and based on the feedback it has from previous users; it’s a dependable app. The app executes on a local web server, making it accessible via your set local host and specified port. Typically it runs on port 8080. The app is also accompanied by browser plugin for Mozilla and Chrome, all to make the use of Usenet easier and faster.



Beneath the funny name, is an app that has been carefully crafted to leverage the power of Usenet flawlessly. Available for the usual suspects; Windows, Mac, and Linux, the app has a plethora of functions. A good example is that you can set it to make automatic daily downloads on your behalf, saving you some considerable amount of time, which you can use to be productive in other daunting activities.


NZB Leech

Available for the Android platform, NZB Leech is the best Usenet client to run on our Android smartphones. The app performs all the basic tasks you’d expect from a Usenet client. The app performs well and can keep up with the desktop apps. If you are looking to use Usenet on your Android device, then NZB Leech is your go-to app.


Usenet subscriptions

Unlike other networks, Usenet requires a reputable and trustworthy provider to function to the fullest. The way the technology works requires the connection to the system to be negotiated via a trusted server. While there exists a lot of free Usenet servers you can use, the better and recommended way is to use a premium Usenet subscription plan. It is important to note that by premium, the services are highly affordable. A simple search on the major search engines will list your viable options.Check out Our Best Usenet Providers

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