SOCKS5 Proxy IPVanish New Service Feature

SOCKS5 Proxy IPVanish New Service Feature

SOCKS5 Proxy IPVanish New Service Feature

SOCKS5 Proxy IPVanish New Service Feature

IPVanish has again done a major service upgrade by introducing SOCKS5 proxy to their latest VPN version. This is a great milestone that shows the company’s committed to providing quality service to its customers. This explains why they are working to raise the bar as other VPN providers are giving them a run for their money.

What is SOCKS?

This is recognized as Socket Secure; it is a protocol that is used particularly for proxy servers. It is an extension of SOCKS protocol, which supports advanced networking technologies like IPv6 and UDP protocol. Also, these servers cannot distinguish between different network types such as FTP, SMTP for email, and HTTP for web browsing.

Reasons to use SOCKS5 proxy

The same manner you can use VPN to hide your footprint, SOCKS5 proxy is mainly used to mask your IP addresses to bypass restrictive firewalls and geolocation restrictions. The good thing about SOCKS5 proxy is it offers priority to conceal personal IP address used for connecting online. However, if your aim is to get strong end-to-end encryption, then you should use a VPN. The following are some of the benefits of SOCKS5 proxy:

Hides users identities

Masks IP address

Faster than VPN

Offers data encryption

The only con for using SOCKS5 proxy is that some third parties can easily monitor your download activity. If your main aim is to mask your IP address, then it is recommended to choose SOCKS5 proxy. You should think of these are two separate tools and you have no reasons to use them simultaneously as you may render proxy server’s function obsolete.

Thus, to use SOCKS5 proxy, you will need to log into your account control panel and select the relevant tab. After generating your new login details, the next thing is to configure your proxy server.

Difference between VPN and SOCKS5 proxy

Although both SOCKS5 proxy and VPN mask your IP address, they have not other similarities. On the other hand, SOCKS5 proxy is quite faster because it does not allocate its resources to encrypt data. However, you should know that a VPN offers complete premium privacy technology as compared to SOCKS5 proxy.

A VPN provides excellent anonymity and security since it encrypts your internet connection. This is what prevents advertisers, cyber criminals, ISPs and other people from monitoring your online activities. On the other hand, SOCKS5 proxy just conceals your online identity.

How to use SOCKS5 proxy

It is quite easy to initiate SOCKS5 proxy connection. Since it is yet to be automated like other IPVanish VPN apps, it is a multi-process.

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SOCKS5 Proxy IPVanish New Service Feature
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