The ranking criteria used on our site takes in several factors, ranging from provider’s pricing and history, through its support protocols, speed, software and customer service. Each review takes about four to five days and undergoes extensive content, presentation and accuracy scrutiny before its final publication.

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User Review Policy

User Review Policy for VPN Service Reviews

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In  we aim at perfection and therefore we do not compromise with anything else when we have to rate VPN providers as to their overall value.

In order to proceed with the most thorough descriptions and the most accurate ratings, we make use of several rating criteria. These criteria are used in the form of guidelines towards facilitating the path of covering all the variables that make a difference in the field of VPN. We have come to realize that the most important things to consider when rating VPN providers include the following:

  • VPN Security Protocols Available
  • Number and Quality of Servers Worldwide
  • Bandwidth and Speed of VPN
  • Technical Support and Customers’ Care
  • Affordability and Payment Methods Offered
  • VPN Ease of Use and Setting up Options
  • Reviews and Overall Feedback

we try to cover as many different aspects of VPN as possible. Consequently, we can provide you with some thorough insights on the very best VPN providers that never cease to work hard and deliver amazing services and quality of work altogether.