News Demon 24/7 Live Chat Support is unsurpassed in the Usenet Industry. They will far out perform your expectations. If you want instant support when configuring your newsreader they will be there. NewsDemon most definnetly deserves our Best Live Support choice AWARD. They also offers the option to buy GigaBytes instead of paying per month. These accounts are called ‘Block Accounts’ and NewsDemon is offering the cheapest block account. So NewsDemon also deserved our title Cheapest Usenet Block Account

NewsDemon Review

News Demon is a top tier Usenet service provider that offers a combination of good price/perfomance, excellent customer service and some cool additional features. Newsdemon offers a variety of pricing option. There is a special pricing offer of $10/month for unlimited downloads that is available only through a few select partners.

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Binary Retention:

News Demon has recently upgraded their service  and is presently providing 2905 of binary retention with a high level of completion. 2905 is a good  number and you should be able to find whatever you need.


Here is the deal, News demon has two categories of pricing plans – monthly and block downloads. If you are interested in monthly unlimited downloads then we highly recommend the Demon Deal with is only available through this link – Click Here for the Demon Deal $10/month.

If you don’t take advantage of the Demon Deal, you can choose their regular pricing which is:

$17.99/month for unlimited downloads without SSL

$22.99/month for unlimited downloads with SSL

If you don’t take advantage of the Demon Deal and you are interested in block accounts then prices range from $2 for 10 GB to $87 for 1000 GB. NewsDemon block Usenet accounts expire after one year.

All plans include free headers and free postings.

Free Trial:

A seven (7) day free trial is also available having 15GB limit and 20 connections. Another thing which makes News Demon cool is that they offer free Usenet to college/university faculty and staff, to the employees of charities and to the employees of media outlets. Click Here for free trail details.



We highly recommend the Demon Deal that is only available through this link –Click Here for the Demon Deal $10/month. Also referral bonuses are available for members who refer other new members.  The referral bonus for referring a new member is a free month of Usenet service.



News Demon is connected through a 10Gbps dedicated backbone link so you download speeds should be limited only by your ISP’s connection.



News demon offers 256 bit SSL encryption with their unlimited plans to make user information and downloads secure and anonymous. NewsDemon provides an uncensored Usenet service.


Other Nice Features:

Access to over 100,000 + newsgroups. 24 x & live customer support. Storage Ninja – The Storage Ninja service will give you access to over 30 GB of anonymous and rapid online storage with Storage Ninja – a service similar to Amazon S3.




News demon providers a wide range of packages to meet a variety of budgets. Their high speed backbone and long retention times make them appealing. Be sure to take advantage of the Demon Deal plus free trial to see if they are a good choice for you.



We recommend as solid retention rates, good service and additional products make them an appealing choice. Remember, be sure to take advantage of the Demon Deal


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