Fast Usenet Usenet Service 2024 Review

Fast Usenet

Fast Usenet is an premium provider located in the United States. They offer good retention times (on par with other major Usenet providers), quality software, great customer service, and 50 secure connections. All for only $6.95/month which is about 30% cheaper then other major providers. We have to recommend Fast Usenet as you won’t find another provider that offers all those features for that price.


Fast Usenet upgraded its retention and is now up to 5,362+ days of binary retention and is growing everyday. That’s over 14 years of quality retention.


14 Day Free Trial: New customers are offered a 14 day / 15GB free trial.
Unlimited: $6.95 per month for Unlimited access each month.
35 GB: $5.95 per month for 35 GB total downloads each month.
15 GB: $3.95 for a total of 15 GB total downloads per month.
6 GB: $2.95 for 6 GB of downloads per month.

Free Trial

Fast Usenet has a generous 14 day / 15 GB free trial. The free trial also doesn’t restrict any of their services as some trails do. You get the same service with the trial as with their premium memberships.

Download Speeds

Your download speed is unlimited with this provider. With 50 connections, even those with very fast Internet speeds should be able to top out their download rates. We tested their service with our 100Mbps fiber connection and were able to achieve the maximum download rate.


50 secure connections are included with your membership at no additional costs. Unlike some providers you don’t have to pay extra for more connections and 50 is the most you’ll ever need.

Newsreader Software

The GrabIt newsreader is a great addition to this service. You’ll have access to a search feature which normally costs $2.95 if ordered directly from GrabIt. This is another example of a nice premium feature that is offered to Fast Usenet customers at no additional charge.


Fast Usenet offers great retention rates, unbeatable pricing and enough options to let even casual users find something that will suit them well. We highly recommend their service as we can’t think of another provider that offers all the features they do for the price. Fast Usenet is one of the best deals in the Usenet industry.


Their retention rates are competitive and their pricing is attractive. We highly recommend this provider. Please visit the link below to sign up.

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