Eweka is an Internet service provider, based in Alkmaar, Netherlands. The company was founded in 2001 and specializes in providing excellent Usenet access to end users all over the world. Presently, their service has over 125,000 newsgroups connections all over the world

Pricing and Special Offers

Eweka uses a similar method as all other Dutch Usenet providers do by providing newsgroup plans depending on speed. They have two basic plans. The first plan is a 50 Mbit plan. For people who need a faster connection and also they have a 100 Mbit plan. No matter which of the plan you subscribe for, all their subscribers gain access to 2, 500+ days of binary retention in 100, 000+ newsgroups.

Eweka pricing plans

Binary Retention


Presently, Eweka has 2072 days of binary retention (Usenet Reviews retention statistics are updated every night) with over 10 years of text retention. Probably we have discovered that more importantly than binary retention that Usenet binary are not subject to the similar procedure of DMCA auto deletion, therefore making article completion better.
Binary Retention
They offer 2, 500+ days of binary retention all over 125,000+ newsgroups. Retention keeps growing every day. With 99 .5% completion, the service is very dependable.


Speed is limited to 40 Mbps, which is less than Eweka. They give you unlimited Usenet download up to 50 Mbps on all accounts. With the option to upgrade to a 100 Mbit account. The upgrade is free for people who register directly on our website. If you like high speed, then Eweka is the best option you have got.

They have up to 8 connections with their plans. Not to be compared with other carriers giving you 50+ connections. Connections are usually for promotion purposes. You just need to max ISP enough. Eweka can max 50-100 Mbps with 8 connections.

Security / Privacy
Eweka gives free 256-bit SSL encryption to all subscribers. We highly recommend having SSL through port 563 to help safeguard your level of privacy when downloading from newsgroups.


News Servers / Ports
Get connected to newsreader .eweka .nl for binary Usenet access choosing port 563 ( SSL ) or 119 ( standard ) . They also offer newsreader for reading text groups and upload  for posting to text newsgroups. They also support IPv6.

They provide some tech support options. The first is a live chat assistance center. You may also send them a ticket through their support page. Addition to their phone line on +31 (0) 72 8,500,777th


Eweka is our favorite Dutch Usenet provider.  Their binary retention far exceeds other services located in the region.  I think you will be very happy with the service.  Remember to use a VPN if you want to sign up from the United States.  After signing up you can easily connect to Eweka from anywhere in the world.  Thanks to the Eweka team for offering our visitors a special discount on their 100 Mbit plan.Check out Our Best Usenet Providers

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