Easynews Usenet Service 2024 Review


Easynews has a fully featured premium service that is easy to use (hence the name). The software is straight forward on all platforms. Many other providers come up short on most of the aspects that Easynews provides. With a large network and quick servers, Easynews receives a high ranking across the board. Most providers only give a 7-day period of free trial, at most, while Easynews allows 14 days to really allow the user to feel out all they have to offer. Whether you are using an Android, iOs, PC, or MAC, the software functions seamlessly. I guess with over 15 years of experience, it is hard to go wrong with selecting Easynews.


Three different levels of service available with Easynews. The “Classic Plan” starts at $9.98/month and with that you get 20 GB/month and 1 GB loyalty Gigs. If you need more GB per month the “Plus Plan” is $14.97 per month and you get 40 GB per month with 2GB Loyalty Gigs. Finally, the best bang for your buck is the “Big GIG Plan” which is $29.94 per month with 150 GB per month and 12 GB loyalty gigs along with FREE unlimited NNTP and VPN. Can’t decide which service plan fits your needs? They also offer free trials of all the plans. Nothing quite like try before you buy. They also offer the option of unlimited NNTP for $9.95 per month. There are several payment method options and you can even pay as you go.


Easynews has got the features aspect figured out. From over 100,000 newsgroups (with over 99% completion) to 2902 days of article retention what more could a user want. If they do not have a particular group, which is highly unlikely due to the sheer volume of groups they do have, you can request to have it added. They also offer loyalty Gigs for returning subscribers as well. They offer Easy Browser Access where you can preview, search, or download from anywhere with internet access. The Zip manager has made bulk downloads extremely efficient for me and has saved me a lot of time.


Easynews controls their own routers and servers, to the backbone. They are the ISP. With direct access into over 900 ISPs over private and public peer exchanges and unlimited HTTP and NNTP connections, I have never had an issue with speed. They do not have rate limits and I have been typically able to max out my connection. They also have a Route Selector that assists in choosing the fastest backbone which seems to work well. The four major backbones that can be connected to via directly connected, multiple 10 GigE ports are Deutsche Telekom, Level 3, GBLX and Highwinds Network. I have not found many other services with better direct access.


Easynews guarantees they will not sell your information to 3rd parties, unlike some services who make money off of your subscriber information. They also never have pop-unders, pop-up, or any other adware. With simple to use VPN software, protecting your privacy is easy. Secure NNTP Usenet access, over SSL via NNTPS and secure HTTP Usenet access over SSL via HTTPS, make security a non-issue.

Customer Support:

While I haven’t needed to utilize the customer support often, I must say they quickly and effectively resolve any issue I have had in a matter of minutes. When I was first thinking of joining, I utilized the free trial and had a few generalized questions that were answered in a matter of seconds. The e-mail que system they have set up is user friendly with a superbly quick response time, typically less than 24 hours. Although they have many tutorials to help you out if you get stuck, it is till reassuring to know that someone is always there to help you out if need be.

Reasons to join:

With a risk-free and money back guarantee, I do not know why someone wouldn’t want to use Easynews. The service allows you to pay as you go, pay by credit card, cash, web 900# or even mail-in subscription. They also offer roll-over gigs so you truly maximize what you pay for. All of the unused bytes are automatically rolled-over into the next billing cycle. Check out Our Best Usenet Service.

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