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Easy news has been in business for over 15 years and offers a very sophisticated, yet easy to use web-Usenet

interface. No newsreader clients are needed. Just login online and start browsing Usenet newsgroups with full

thumbnail and audio previews.

They also just rolled out a Dutch version of the web-Usenet interface. This is a great piece of software and is

highly recommended.

The Easynews Provider Includes:

Web Usenet browser, no software needed

SSL encrypted access

Unlimited connections

Uncapped transfer speeds

100,000 + newsgroups

EU and US Servers

Among the best retention and completion available

Rollover and Loyalty Gigs

Refer-a-friend Rewards

24/7/365 Customer Support

Pay as you go

Easynews currently offers about 1900 of binary retention and is continually increasing capacity. Check here for current retention levels.

Easynews is offering a 100 GB free trail!

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Easynews is big on security and anonymity. They do not monitor downloads or maintain log files. In addition, they remove X-headers from all posts which allows for more  anonymous posting. Read their privacy policy on their website here.

Other Nice Features

The web based interface can be enjoyable if you are frustrated by traditional newsreaders. Also Easynews just announced a usenet accelerator service called Easyboost – which compresses Usenet downloads for additional throughput.

New Improved Interface

Easynews recently announced a new user interface. As it is common nowadays, this interface is also in beta status. Regardless, it provides a wide range of options and it would require few articles to examine all these options. Therefore, let’s skip right into the core part of this interface  search engine.

There are two types of search: basic and advanced. Basic “Find Articles” search has nothing but a search box and an option to choose content type (video, audio, image), while “Find Groups” offers some search tags, search box and Order by option.

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