Astra web has been around for a long time and they offer a solid Usenet service.  While other Usenet providers have gone on to offer extra features, Astraweb hasn’t kept up with the pack in this regard.  Members can purchase a block of Usenet access or an unlimited plan.  From there you manually set your newsreader to connect to their servers.



Astra web offers 2 general plan categories:

  • Unlimited Downloads – currently the best deal is the Astra web $15 for 2 months special – which means you pay only $15 a month for two months of unlimited high speed downloads. Do this if you are considering Astra web.  Take advantage of this deal while it lasts.
  • Also notable if you just want to check out Astra web for a month would be the Astra web $11 special.
  • Block Downloads Astra web offers no time limit restrictions and you can buy blocks of Usenet downloads for $10 for 25 GB or $25 for 180 GB.




Astra web Binary Retention

Astra web currently offers 2,407 days of binary retention across ALL major newsgroups.

Astra web offers both unlimited (recurring) and block plans.  The Astraweb recurring plans are billed monthly.  The difference between the plans is that the unlimited DSL does not cap speed while the other plan caps your speed at 10 Mbps.  Both allow you to set up to 20 connections in your newsreader.  The connections have to come from the same IP address so trying to share an account will get you banned.

Astraweb promotions:
– All three special offerss listed below are recurring discounts.
– Special – unlimited DSL for $11 a month
– Special – unlimited DSL $15 for 2 months
– Special – unlimited DSL for $96 a year




Astraweb Free Trial

Contrary to what you may have heard Astraweb does offer a free trial. Its only a 24 hour free trial and you would have to request a refund through support but it does give you enough time to check out their service. Also by taking advantage of their current $11 month or $15 / two months special, its hard to go wrong or lose a lot of cash with Astra web.



Astraweb Speed

Astraweb usenet download speeds are very good. Astra web is not slow and to get an idea see our speed test below or you can do a traceroute on their website to get an idea of how fast you could connect to Astraweb. They are plugged into Level 3, LimeLight Networks and Savvis Intenet backbone servers and have servers located in North Carolina so you should get a good connection throughput in the USA( And in Europe)

Astra web Ports  / Configuration Instructions

  • General Server:
  • European Server:
  • US Server:
  • Ports: 119, 23, 1818 or 8080
  • Secure Server: Ports 443 or 563
  • Ports 443 or 563 (European)
  • Ports 443 or 563 (US)
  • Maximum Connections: 50 connections


As many other Usenet providers offer Astraweb also has secure SSL connections which work via port 563.




Astra web offers a good price and is one of the best value among the Usenet service providers. Nice anonymity features, variety of payment options, high completion and high speed all indicate Astra web as a good choice for a Usenet service provider. If you are interested be sure to take advantage of their limited time special pricing.Check out Our Best Usenet Providers

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